The Ozganics Difference

At Ozganics, we are passionate about growing and eating organic food. And with good reason!

Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components which may be harmful to the environment. Organic farming also promotes biodiversity, soil fertility and protects Australian local wildlife.

Eating organic also tastes better! Fresher, flavourful and free from chemical tampering, organic produce tastes the way fresh food is MEANT to taste. Organic food is a win for the planet, our bodies, and our tastebuds!

Certified Organic

At Ozganics, we are very proud to that our products are Certified Organic.

This means that they have been through strict certification processes and have met the requirements of the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

Certified Organic products are sustainable and regenerative, always free range and free of chemicals, artificial additives, hormones, synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs.


From paddock to plate, every step of our production process is certified according to the ACO Standard. Our farms, manufacturing facilities and warehouse are all Certified Organic and audited annually to ensure compliance with this rigorous standard.

At Ozganics, we take pride in our commitment to these standards and work closely with our suppliers to bring you delicious, genuine organic products that are good for your family AND the planet.

Allergen Free

Cutting allergens out of your diet can
be a big challenge and we want to make safe food as accessible as possible.

After tireless hours of experimentation in Anni’s own kitchen, we have found the perfect combination of flavour and allergen free ingredients to create our
delicious products.

Ozganic products are a combination of diary, wheat, egg, soy, shellfish, fish, peanut, and gluten free. We proudly display this information on our packaging, so consumers know exactly what they are feeding their families.

Plastic Pollution

We have been consciously using glass packaging since our inception over 20 years ago.

Packaging waste pollutes our air, water, and soil. The litter it creates also ends up in many places that it shouldn't – blocking our stormwater drains and causing serious problems for our Australian wildlife.

No Nasties

Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals, hidden nasties, or Genetically Modified Organisms.

None of our products have a harmful effect on the human body or the environment. We only use pure, healthy flavours so you, and your family can taste and feel the difference.